New Book „The Death of the Poet“ by Elisabeth Tonnard

This literary artist book by Elisabeth Tonnard excerpts texts from the biographies of nineteen different poets to fabricate one single, time and space crossing, remarkable story.

B&w digital printing, paperback, size 13 x 19 cm, 48 pages.

Edition of 125 copies, not numbered.

See more information on this page.

The book will be launched at Offprint London taking place at Tate Modern from May 20-22. You can find it at the table Tonnard is sharing with  Joachim Schmid.

There is also an installation version of the work: See here how it was shown in Tonnard’s solo show ‘The Library’ at Galerie Block C in Groningen.

The arists Elisabeth Tonnard and Joachim Schmid visited the photo libraray of the KHI in March 2016 and wrote about their experience on our Blog.

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